Activities, Strategies & Expected Results


  • Sharing of mentors Life journey and success stories.
  • Impact life skills that help them navigate and enrich their lives
  • Career exploration – learn more about a particular occupation
  • Focus on talent, Innovation, entrepreneurship and Creativity
  • Awareness creation through the Esiankiki Night cultural event
  • School visits

Our projects strategy revolves around; professional, peer and individual mentoring


  • A community of young female leaders from Narok and Kajiado County who seek and value community action and involvement
  • Young women with more positive attitudes toward school, improved academic performance, increased trust for adults and teachers, higher levels of self-confidence and a greater ability to express their feelings.
  • Young women who recognize their self-worth and potential
  • Positive role models for young women, which encourage their ambition, self-con dence and growth, allowing them to trust and showing them that they are supported.
  • Young women with increased self-esteem and decision-making abilities.
  • Young women who envision themselves as leaders now and in the future.
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    Esiankiki Foundation is a Group mentorship program dedicated to empowering young Maasai girls in Narok and Kajiado Counties in Kenya and creating links and networks within and across generations of women.